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Expertise through experience

CELL's experienced team of consultants have been providing expert commercial, legal and forensic planning services (delay and disruption) as well as claims management and project control services to the construction and engineering industries for many years. The diverse skill sets of our staff have collaborated on numerous different projects for over 10 years, resulting in exceptional success for our clients.

CELL provides a range of Project Advisory services and specialises in numerous fields of construction claims, prioritising a quality and professional service tailored to meet client requirements and needs. Our off-site support network of analysts and objective to utilise and train existing project resource as much as possible, enables CELL to provide a highly competitive and cost effective service, reducing the need for site based consultants.

Overview: what CELL offers

  • Many years of experience as project advisors, and in the provision of change management, claims management and dispute resolution services
  • An extraordinary record of success
  • Expert advice and representation from specialist consultants
  • Cost effecive and practical advice
  • Clearly defined deliverables and fee structure


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