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More than just contractual advice

We provide a comprehensive suite of services to assist our clients throughout the entire project lifecycle. Our core specialisms can be broadly split into two distinct areas, these being Project Advisory and Dispute Resolution services.  

Our team are flexible, professional and meticulous in their approach, as well as being totally committed to the delivery of measurable time and cost saving benefits that give our clients a very attractive return on their investment in our services.

An overview of our Services

Project Advisory Services

  • Contractual advice on all forms of Contract (NEC, FIDIC, bespoke)
  • Commercial Management advice
  • Change Management
  • Project Planning and Project Controls
  • Project Recovery
  • Document/ Record Management
  • Training

Dispute Resolution Services

  • Claims Management
  • Claims assessment, drafting, defence, negotiation & presentation
  • Loss and expense assessments and preperation of associated Claims documents
  • Forensic Delay and Disruption Analysis and preperation of associated Claims documents
  • Training
  • Multilingual advice


CELL Directors have upto 30 years experience in dealing with the inevitable changes and disputes that occur on contruction and engineerirng projects. This experince enhances our capability in the provision of project advisory and dispute avoidance services. 

Dispute Avoidance – Construction projects are becoming more and more complex in terms of design, build, time, access and resource. This has carved the way for many disputes between parties and subsequently led to a claim or claims arising. A claim can be formed under any form of construction contract and to help avoid a claim from arising, all parties must know what is expected of them under the terms of the contract – this is before signing the Contract and during the execution of the project. Our expert team have a detailed knowledge and understanding of all the parties roles, requirements and obligations under the Contract and offer guidance and expert advice on how to deliver these successfully, therby leaving less room for disagreement between the parties.

Claims Management – The effective management and control of all  information which might be required for a claim. This involves and is not limited to detailed record keeping, monitoring of correspondences between the parties, producing notices of delay, disruption and additional costs in a timely manner and also ensuring all requirements under the contract are followed when making a claim. We will also follow the relevant contractual steps required for a successful resolution.

CELL has produced hundereds of detailed claims submissions and rebuttal reports for our clients.

Dispute Management and Resolution – In most projects around the world, a dispute will  at some point arise between the parties that cannot be easily settled. We use our industry experience, the most powerful skill sets, tools, and resources available to assist in resolving complex disputes. We strive to provide effective solutions to disputes that will allow all our clients to avoid conflict wherever possible, as well as the ability to manage and resolve disputes when required. With a well-structured claim resolution process in place, we are able to establish all the required information needed for a successful claim and settlement, reducing the liklihood for litigation.

Claims Drafting – For a claim to be successful, it needs to be presented in a structured, well formatted and unambiguous manner.

  1. A description of the Cause of the Delay and the Contractual provision being relied upon
  2. The date when the Delay commenced and the period of the Delay
  3. The date of the Notice of Delay
  4. A summary of Records and Particulars
  5. A narrative of the Events and Effects on progress
  6. Diagrame showing the status of the Programme prior to the Delay
  7. Diagrams showing the Effects of the Delay on progress and completion date
  8. A final statement for Entitlement.


''Having been involved in Claims in the past, i know how time consuming it can be for Senior Management and the project team. The Forensic Planning, Delay Analysis and Claims Advice provided by CPL & CELL was significant in supporting our team and in helping us achieve a very acceptable outcome. We also appreciate that during the proceedings CPL responded to issues in very quick timescales and we are grateful for that also.''

Paul Morris, Group Commercial Director - Promanex

 ''The contribution made by CELL & CPL was crucial to the cost-efficient and timely delivery of a complex project that posed difficult Commercial and Operational challenges from the outset. Quite clearly they have a detailed understanding and a working experience of our industry and were able to quickly identify and subsequently assist in the resolution of the challenges we faced. It was refreshing and reassuring to see how quickly the CPL team integrated within our own project team.''

Samir Lahoud, Chairman - Lahoud Engineering