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Our areas of Expertise

Below you will find an overview of the areas in which our team specialise.

Our Specialisations

Construction Contracts & Law

From building Construction to Engineering - we represent and advise our clients in all Construction and Engineering contractual Matters assiting in the project delivery process, managing change and in the resolution of claims and disputes.

Our dedicated team has a wealth of experince in UK Contracts such as NEC, JCT, ICE, as well as exceptional experience and success on International Contracts such as FIDIC. Our first hand project knoweldge and understanding regarding how to Manage, Resolve and present Claims within the constraints of the Contract and legal framework of particular countries, has enabled us to achieve outstanding results and frequenlty above all of our clients initial expectations across both Europe and further afield.

Claims Preparation & Assessment

Every construction project is unique requiring risks to be clearly defined by all the parties. With increasing demands and expectations of stakeholders it is understandable how dipsutes can commonly occur on  projects. Our specialist team have years of experience in Assessing, Drafting and Presenting Claims on behalf of our clients, either for Negotiated Settlements or more formal Dispute Resolution procedures such as Adjudication, Arbitration or Litigation.

Appraisal of Claim Identify at an early stage whether a claim is worth defending or pursing dependant on the information provided along with expert advice on the financial
entitlement or liability.

Preparation of Claim To maximise the potential of a claim being successful, the purpose of defending or making the claim needs to be comprehensible with the presentation and submission of the claim document. Precise and accurate facts and key points need to be clearly identified throughout and supported closely by the cause and effect. Failure to prepare a claim in the correct format can lead to prolongation of a resolution and subsequently disputes will arise.

Delay Analysis To identify and analyse the delays within the project. Once this has been
achieved, we can then demonstrate how these delay events have impacted the project through critical and non-critical activities. We use all robust methods of delay analysis including Time Impact, Windows, Collapsed As-Built and As-Built Critical Path. This will demonstrate the critical effect of extensions of time, loss and expense and matter causing delay and disruption. We also review and analyse all relevant project documentation and data, so we can produce a very accurate outcome for a claim.

Resolution of Claim Whether defending or making a claim, successful resolution is key. Not all claims can be resolved through the submission of documents alone and therefore, we must be able to provide other methods such as negotiation to avoid taking a claim through a long and costly Dispute Resolution Tribunal.

CELL undertake both Quantum Claim Assessments and Delay and Disruption Claim Analysis.

Additional areas of Expertise

We can also represent you in the following areas to support the Project Management and avoid and /or identify any potential problems.

  • Contractual Advice
  • Commercial Management
  • Change Management
  • Project Planning and Monitoring of Delays
  • Drafting of Notices and Legal Correspondance

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